Order: an official call-to-action submitted by a Councilor to a committee.

Resolution: an official statement submitted by a Councilor in support of (or against) a cause.

At my desk in City Hall.

In less than a year since stepping into my role as City Councilor-at-Large,
I’ve accomplished a lot– and I’m proud of my hard work.
The board orders, resolutions and ordinances I’ve put forward
align with my values and are evidence that I don’t just talk.
I act.

Orders & Resolutions I’ve Put Forward

RESOLUTION: A resolution calling for the City of Somerville to declare a state of emergency for women, drawing attention to how women, parents, guardians and caregivers were particularly hit hard by the pandemic, and introducing a plan for economic recovery, small business support, and childcare expansion

RESOLUTION: That the Director of Constituent Services discuss with this Council’s Committee on Housing and Community Development options for residents to report hate crimes to 311 and the 311 mobile app.

RESOLUTION: That the Chief of Police request an update from the Housing Authority on the 2020-discussed reforms such as marked vehicles, uniformed officers, body cameras, and updated policies and procedures for officer accountability and discipline.

RESOLUTION: That the City Solicitor advise in writing and appear before the Committee on Housing and Community Development to discuss how extensively the Encore Casino has been in compliance with its Surrounding Community Agreement.

RESOLUTION: That the Administration consider a partnership with community partners to implement a science-based presentation and dialogue about the COVID vaccine’s availability and effectiveness, and to address any concerns residents and city employees may have about it.

RESOLUTION: That the Administration commits to setting goals for the city contracting with minority and women-owned businesses.

RESOLUTION: Supporting passage of the ROE Act (S. 1209/H. 3320) and committing to the protection of abortion rights, access to reproductive health care, and an individual’s right to make reproductive decisions about one’s own body.

RESOLUTION: Supporting the I AM bill (H2354 and S1445), to increase access to disposable menstrual products in prisons, homeless shelters and public schools.

RESOLUTION: That the Somerville City Council opposes the planned reduction and/or elimination of MBTA bus routes in Somerville, as it could damage the residents most in need of public transportation, and orders the City Clerk to forward this Resolution to the Governor and the General Manager of the MBTA.

ORDER: That the SPD report the number of rape kits administered in the past 5 years in writing and how many of these rape kits were included in cases that went to court in these past 5 years.

ORDER: That this Council discuss the need for Rent Control measures in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, as illustrated by certain dramatic rent increases currently displacing Somerville residents.

ORDER: That representatives of the Community Land Trust discuss with this Council’s Housing and Community Development Committee how the Council can help implement the Trust’s goals.

ORDER: That the Director of Inspectional Services communicate with the community via mail, email and/or other means, its 2020 plan for combating rat infestations, including monthly updates during peak infestation periods and quarterly updates otherwise. 

ORDER: That this Council undergo diversity, gender, racial and cultural sensitivities training, once per term, beginning in January 2021, which may be administered by the Personnel Department or a consultant.

ORDER: That the Director of Parks and Recreation appear before the Council’s Committee on Housing and Community Development to discuss installing playground communication boards in all parks to expand park accessibility for children who are nonverbal or have other communication challenges.

ORDER: That the Director of Health and Human Services advise this Council as to what services are made available when responding to requests to reach out to our neighbors experiencing homelessness, mental illness, and addiction and, further, where additional funding could make those services more effective or enable new services not currently available.

ORDER: That the Director of SPCD update this Council’s Committee on Housing and Community Development on the Encore Casino’s efforts to support Somerville small businesses per their Community Agreement.

ORDER: That the Directors of the Arts Council and Economic Development meet to discuss in Committee a plan to adapt how the city celebrates and connects with the community this winter 2020 holiday season, with the goal on neighborhood connection and community, and emphasis on boosting morale while supporting local Somerville businesses.

Orders & Resolutions I’ve Signed Onto or Co-sponsored

That the Directors of Health and Human Services and Infrastructure and Asset Management advise this Council whether gender neutral bathrooms are available in all public K-8 schools, as requested by middle schoolers.

Calling on the federal government to cancel student debt.

That the Director of SPCD consider with the Affordable Housing Trust Fund the advisability of combining anticipated affordable housing linkage payments for commercial development and seeking an affordable housing developer to leverage additional funding to maximize the number of affordable units that can be built.

Standing in solidarity with the MA Nurses Association nurses campaigning for fair contract negotiations with the Cambridge Health Alliance. 

That the Mayor direct department heads to prioritize the rapid construction of physical infrastructure to slow traffic, protect our most vulnerable residents, and bring our streets into compliance with the ADA, to address the killing of four pedestrians by motor vehicles in the last two years and prevent further traffic fatalities.

That the Spring Hill Streetscapes design team continue to work closely with the Somerville Bicycle Committee and Somerville Bicycle Safety to propose improved bicycle safety infrastructure on and near the redesigned Highland Avenue, balanced with pedestrian safety, MBTA bus improvements, and ADA infrastructure.

That the Director of SPCD discuss with the Land Use Committee the fair housing amendment recently passed in Boston that requires new developments to be reviewed for impacts on displacement and housing discrimination.

That the Director of SPCD add text “prohibiting any recipient businesses from interfering with their employees seeking to form a union.”

RESOLUTION: That this Council supports the Just Us Somerville organization of local residents of color and considers their demands regarding policing.

RESOLUTION: (sign on) Supporting the Guaranteed Housing Stability Act (H.4878/S.2831), to prevent a wave of evictions in Massachusetts in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

RESOLUTION: That the Administration work collaboratively with this Council on substantial reforms to law enforcement including a Civilian Review Board and an approach to policing that involves civilian responses to matters that are currently addressed by the Police.

RESOLUTION (sign on): Calling on Governor Baker to implement a streamlined process for MassHealth applicants to simultaneously file for SNAP benefits. 

RESOLUTION: Supporting Somerville restaurants by capping fees charged by third party delivery services during the COVID-19 State of Emergency.

RESOLUTION (sign on): Supporting Tufts University students and Tufts Labor Coalition (TLC) in their advocacy efforts promoting a healthy and supportive working environment for Tufts Dining workers during COVID19 Pandemic.

ORDER (co-sponsor): That the City Solicitor draft language to prohibit the use of prison labor of any kind for city projects, including the Middlesex Sheriff’s Community Work Program.