Here’s just some of the Board Orders and Resolutions I’ve put forward since stepping into my role as City Councilor:
RESOLUTION: That the Administration commits to setting goals for the city contracting with minority and women-owned businesses.

ORDER: That the SPD report the number of rape kits administered in the past 5 years in writing and how many of these rape kits were included in cases that went to court in these past 5 years.

ORDER: That this Council discuss the need for Rent Control measures in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, as illustrated by certain dramatic rent increases currently displacing Somerville residents.
ORDER: That the Director of Inspectional Services report to the Housing and Community Development Committee its implementation plans for the 2019 Tenant Notification Act.
ORDER: That the Directors of SPCD, Housing Stability, and Inspectional Services discuss with the Housing and Community Development Committee the anticipated impact and possible responses when the MA Eviction Moratorium expires on August 18.
ORDER: That the Director of Inspectional Services communicate with the community via mail, email and/or other means, its 2020 plan for combating rat infestations, including monthly updates during peak infestation periods and quarterly updates otherwise. 
ORDER:  That the Director of Personnel provide a demographic breakdown of employees in the E-911, Fire Alarm, and Constituent Services Departments.
RESOLUTION: That the Postmaster provide any contingency plans to be implemented in the event of a forced shut-down or suspension of service due to a lack of funding or the COVID-19 pandemic.
ORDER: That the Director of Communications create signage to post citywide reminding the public of the penalties and public health risks associated with COVID-19 for littering used masks, gloves and wipes.

ORDER: Supporting House Resolution 702, The People’s Justice Guarantee.
RESOLUTION: That this Council supports the Just Us Somerville organization of local residents of color and considers their demands regarding policing.
RESOLUTION: That the Administration work collaboratively with this Council on substantial reforms to law enforcement including a Civilian Review Board and an approach to policing that involves civilian responses to matters that are currently addressed by the Police.
RESOLUTION: That this City support the “Stop The Money Pipeline” movement by calling on the insurance industry to end its insurance for and investments in fossil fuels.
RESOLUTION: Supporting Somerville restaurants by capping fees charged by third party delivery services during the COVID-19 State of Emergency.

“Our fourth choice for endorsement for Councilor At-Large is Kristen Strezo, who we feel will bring a fresh and vital energy to the office. Strezo has served as co-chair of the Somerville Commission for Women, and is known as a social justice activist and a well-respected journalist. We think that Kristen Strezo will bring much welcome vitality and enthusiasm to the City Council and we urge you to cast one of your At-Large votes for her.”

-endorsement of the Somerville Times, 2019 election cycle