[photo of City Councilor at Large Kristen Strezo speaking at a microphone]

…as your City Councilor, my goal is to make Somerville welcoming and accessible to anyone who wants to call our city home.

...as a Progressive Woman. I strive to uphold the inclusive values that brings every voice to the table.

…as an Egalitarian Feminist. I continue working to ensure equality for people of all genders and racial backgrounds, aiming to remove the blinders of past movements that have too often overlooked our neighbors.

…as a Mom. I’m committed to molding the supportive world we wish to leave for the next generation.

Check out my ❤️ City Councilor BOARD ORDERS and RESOLUTIONS ❤️ page. It’s here you’ll read about what I’m getting done, my values-based approach and the hard work I’m doing to ensure you’re living your best life here in Somerville.

There’s a certain happy flutter in my heart when I talk about Somerville.
I love it here. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with my city.

I’ve been serving my city for years as a commissioner, a social justice activist, a volunteer, a mother, a brownie-bake-sale-school-parent, and a constituent. And, I’m honored to serve you as your City Councilor At-Large.

-Kristen Strezo (she/her/hers)

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