There’s a certain happy flutter in my heart when I talk about Somerville. I’m honored to serve you as your City Councilor-at-Large. Check out my City Councilor Orders & Resolutions page to read about the hard work I’m doing to ensure you’re living your best life here in Somerville.

– Kristen Strezo (she/her/hers)
Somerville City Councilor-at-Large

I’m running for re-election in November 2021!

Watch my latest video below, or click here to learn about how you can help my campaign succeed.

…as your City Councilor, my goal is to make Somerville welcoming and accessible to anyone who wants to call our city home. a Progressive Woman, I strive to uphold the inclusive values that bring every voice to the table.

…as an Egalitarian Feminist, I work to ensure equity for people of all genders and racial backgrounds, aiming to remove the blinders of past movements that have too often overlooked our neighbors.

…as a Mom. I’m committed to molding the supportive world we wish to leave for the next generation. ❤️

Learn more about me here. Let’s get to work!